Cecilia Araneda 2014

Cecilia Araneda is the 2017 recipient of the Manitoba Film Hothouse Award, awarded by a jury of peers to recognize the career of an established Manitoba filmmaker.

This prize comes in the form of $10,000 in cash, and $5,000 in services from and a membership to the Winnipeg Film Group. The resources of this award will support Araneda’s current filmmaking development activities.

In conjunction with the Hothouse Award, the Winnipeg Cinematheque will present a retrospective of Araneda’s body of work Fri Feb 9, 2018.

“Araneda works in video and film, in fiction, documentary and experimental modes, testing the image for what it tells us about ourselves – our past and how we imagine it in pieces and textures. Often in Araneda’s work, a fragment of a word or an image or a colour – red, for example – triggers an associational process of remembrance. To live with images which linger after the moment has passed: the signs of a presence and an absence. How we remember, how we forget, and the role of the image in stasis and unpredictable movement – these are the motors and the enduring questions of Cecilia Araneda’s memory work in film.”

– Scott Birdwise, Canadian Film Institute, April 2010

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