Experimental, 3:35 mins, 16 mm & HD, 2016

Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematography / Hand-Processing 

[FR] : Auparavant

[ES] : Antes

Before has been produced with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Programmers and curators, please email for a preview link. 

Disponible con subtítulos en español. 



[EN] : With intricate hand-printed 16 mm footage, Before is a dark ode to the possibility and impossibility of love. It reflects on time, inner worlds and soft landings we find in desolate moments in life.

[FR] : Réalisé avec film 16 mm peint et teint à main, Auparavant est une ode sombre à la possibilité et l’impossibilité de l’amour. Il réfléchit sur le passage du temps, les mondes intérieurs et les atterrissages en douceur que nous trouvons dans les moments désolées en la vie.

[ES] : Hecha con película 16 mm pintada y tintada a mano, Antes es una oda oscura a la posibilidad y la imposibilidad del amor. Refleja sobre el tiempo, mundos interiores y los suaves aterrizajes que encontramos en momentos desolados en la vida.


  • Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, USA) – 2017
  • Athens International Film + Video Festival (Athens, USA) – 2017
  • Alucine Latin Media Arts Festival (Toronto, Canada) – 2017
  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival (Perth, Australia), 2017
  • MARFICI: Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Mar del Plata (Mar del Plata, Argentina) – 2017
  • FIVA: Festival internacional de Videoarte (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – 2017
  • Arizona Underground Film Festival (Phoenix, USA) – 2018
  • Traverse Vidéo (Toulouse, France) – 2018
  • San Diego Underground Film Festival (San Diego, USA) – 2018
  • Dobra Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – 2018
  • Girona Film Festival (Girona, Spain) – 2018
  • Engauge Experimental Film Festival (Seattle, USA) – 2019
  • 16 mm Film Festival (Mumbai, India) – 2022


  • Film Farm: 25 Years of the Mount Forest Independent Imaging Retreat Exhibit, curated by Philip Hoffman at the TIFF Reference Library (Toronto, Canada) – 2019
  • Film Farm: A Pact with the Process, curated by Phil Hoffman, presented by VISIONS at La Lumière (Montreal, Canada) – 2018


  • Editing – Cecilia Araneda and Jaimz Asmundson
  • Sound design – Jaimz Asmundson
  • Film transfer – Frame Discreet
  • Special thanks – Phil Hoffman, Deirdre Logue, Marcel Beltrán, Scott Miller Berry, Rob Butterworth, Christine Harrison, Terra Long

Read more on the process of making Before.

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