Documentary, 22:43 mins, HD, 2017

Director / Writer / Producer 

The Poster Guy has been produced for MTS Stories from Home. 


Antero Lindblad has been an invisible fixture in the Winnipeg arts scene for more than 25 years, turning a love of the arts into an unorthodox career putting up posters. The quiet guy on the street, everyone knows him and yet nobody seems to know him.

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  • Director of Photography – Kevin Tabachnick
  • Picture and Sound Edit –  Chad Tremblay / Pale Green Star
  • Sound Recording – Danny Chodirker, Dylan Baillie
  • Animation – Anita Lebeau, Scott Collins
  • Special thanks to – Antero Lindblad, Neil Middleton, Al Pitch, Doug Sulipa, Jaimz Asmundson, Danishka Esterhazy, Patrice James, Penny McCann, Robert Pasternak



  • Kim Bell, Production Manager 
  • Cam Bennett, Executive Producer
  • Greg McLaren, Manager, MTS TV Content

The Poster Guy is a production of  Sugar Films Inc.

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