Feature Film, HD, 90 mins, 2021 – work in progress

Director / Writer / Executive Producer 


The production of Intersection is funded by:

  • Telefilm Canada – Talent to Watch
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Manitoba Arts Council
  • Winnipeg Arts Council


The script was developed with the support of:

  • Manitoba Arts Council
  • Manitoba Film & Music
  • On Screen Manitoba
  • Script Angel (UK)


What does redemption look like? 

Daniela came to Canada as a child as a refugee from Chile in the late 1970s with her father. Decades later, as she starts pulling paperwork for a first trip back to learn more about her family, she triggers a chain of events that uproots the very foundation of her life.


  • Screenplay – Cecilia Araneda
  • Director – Cecilia Araneda
  • Executive Producer – Cecilia Araneda
  • Producer – Joe Novak
  • Cinematographer – Charles Lavack
  • Editor – Chad Tremblay
  • Cast (confirmed) – Carmen Aguirre, Rodrigo Beilfuss, others TBA
  • Casting Director – Carmen Kotyk
  • Story Consultant – David Pope