Feature Film, HD, 90 mins – work in progress

Director / Writer / Producer 


The production of Intersection is funded by:

  • Telefilm Canada – Talent to Watch
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Manitoba Arts Council
  • Winnipeg Arts Council


The script was developed with the support of:

  • Manitoba Arts Council
  • Manitoba Film & Music
  • On Screen Manitoba
  • Script Angel (UK)


What does redemption look like? 

Daniela came to Canada as a child as a refugee with her father after her mother was assassinated during Chile’s military dictatorship. Daniela’s father, Pepe, never wants to talk about anything that happened in Chile, and Daniela assumes this is due to the trauma. Wanting to giver her own daughter a stronger sense of identity, Daniela starts pulling paperwork for a first trip back to Chile to learn more about her family. In doing this however, Daniela triggers a chain of events that ends up uprooting the very foundation of her life.


  • Screenplay – Cecilia Araneda
  • Director – Cecilia Araneda
  • Producers – Joe Novak, Cecilia Araneda
  • Production Manager – Jean Du Toit
  • Cinematographer – Charles Lavack
  • Production Designer – Alexis Labra
  • Editor – Chad Tremblay
  • Cast – Carmen Aguirre, Juan Chioran, Stephen Mcintyre, Marina Stephenson Kerr, Rodrigo Beilfuss
  • Casting Director – Carmen Kotyk
  • Story Consultant – David Pope