Experimental, 4:40 mins, 16 mm/HD, 2021

Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematography / Editor

  • Programmers and curators, please email for a preview link

Shot at Bate Island in Ottawa, landing is made from hand-processed B&W 16 mm film hand-coloured with organic and photochemical tones, video and found sound. landing examines moments of respite in between flight and movement.

landing is without language.


  • Antimatter Media Art (Victoria, Canada) – 2021
  • L’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain), 2021
  • Dawson City International Short Film Festival (Dawson City, Canada), 2022
  • Experiments in Cinema (Albuquerque, USA), 2022
  • Engauge Experimental Film Festival (Seattle, USA), 2022
  • Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, USA), 2023
  • Experimental Series (Salt Lake City, USA), 2023


  • Celluloid Body, curated by Diana Sánchez, presented by the Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, USA), 2023
  • cygnus congress landing, curated by Deborah de Boer and Todd Eacrett, presented at Deluge Contemporary Art (Victoria, Canada), 2022


Camera: Cecilia Araneda
Printing + Processing: Cecilia Araneda
Edit: Cecilia Araneda, Chad Tremblay
Shot at: Bate Island, Ottawa River
Thanks to: Cooper, Penny McCann, Daïmon, Frame Discreet

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