Experimental, 4:56 mins, 16 mm & HD, 2020

Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematography / Editor

My memory awakes on that first plane ride I took from Santiago to Toronto when I was four years old. Landing became refuge.

landing is a fragment of Threshold, a long form experimental documentary in-progress. It is made from hand-processed black & white 16 mm film hand-coloured with organic and photochemical, video and found sound.

landing was featured in the Mujer Artista: Puesto / Place group show at aceart throughout January 2020.


Cinematography: Cecilia Araneda
Editing: Cecilia Araneda
Additional Editing: Chad Tremblay
Sound: Cecilia Araneda
Additional Technical Support: Cooper, Penny McCann
Labs: Daïmon, Independent Imaging Retreat, Frame Discreet
Location: Bate Island, Ottawa River


I acknowledge the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts in supporting the development of Threshold.