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  • Series: Ensayos de contra-observación urbana – dir. Colectivo Catrileo-Carrión, video art, 2015, HD (Desde las ventanas: 1:16 mins, 2:50 mins, 5:50 mins) – no dialogue
  • No dialéctica del desentierro – dir. Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión, video art, 2016, HD, 12:11 mins – no dialogue
  • Traslado/extracción – dir. Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión, documentary, 2016, HD, 4:15 mins – no dialogue
  • Repvyen mapu dvmillko mamvil Netume mew / Seguir la materia del aserrín de Neltume – dir. Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión, video art, 2017, HD, 5:55 mins – Spanish
  • INEY PINGEN – dir. Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión, video art, 2016, HD, 2:34 mins – no dialogue
  • Del nombre porvenir – dir. Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión, video art, 2017, HD, 6:21 mins – Mapudungun
  • Neltume Señala el Camino – dir. Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión, documentary, 2017 HD / found footage, 5:35 – no dialogue
  • Famew mvlepan kaxview (or an archeology of renaming) – dir. Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión, documentary, 2017, HD, 21 mins – Spanish and Mapudungun
  • YIKALAY PU ZOMO LAFKENMAPU – dir. Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión, documentary, 2017, HD, 17:50 mins – Spanish
[Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión on Vimeo]

The Colectivo Catrileo+Carrión is comprised of artists Antonio Catríleo (born as Jaime Araya) and Manuel Carrión. The collective uses video art as an extension for their interdisciplinary research-production art practice. Their work focuses on subjects connected to Indigenous identity in the Americas, such as the problematic framing of Indigenous identity from a colonial lens. The collective works in video art, installation, flow charts and writings, testing artistic mechanisms that trigger the political imagination of the viewer.

Of particular note among the collective’s filmography is “Famew mvlepan kaxvlew” (or an archeology of renaming) documents the transidentitary process and fragmentary moments of Antonio Catrileo, who was born as Jaime Araya. The video documents reflections behind this decision to legally change his name, which can only be done once in Chile. This work responds to Catrileo’s light colouring and considers internal racism and colonialism in an artistic intervention as dramatic as changing the birth certificate the state keeps as proof of your existence. This video is a document of the renaming process prior to the legal change.


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