Curated by Cecilia Araneda for the Envoi Poetry Festival

Screening: Wed June 3, 2015 at 7 PM, at the Winnipeg Cinematheque

This merging of poetry and cinema presents a map of desire and loss, memory landscapes, the physical embedding of words, a lingering sense of the unattainable, and “things that used to be true.”

expect something and nothing at once
Dir. Michelle Elrick, 2013, Canada, 3.5 min
Poet Michelle Elrick approaches home through blanket forts, poetry and collected sounds in this stark and beautiful film from the Canadian prairie.

Dir. Caroline Monnet, 2009, Canada, 4.5 min
IKWÉ is an experimental film that weaves the narrative of one woman’s (IKWÉ) intimate thoughts with the teachings of her grandmother, the Moon.

Someone Who is Not Like Anyone
Dir. Aeyliya Husain, 2015, Canada, 6 min
Super-8 footage of Iran from 15 years ago is combined with the poem by Farough Farookhzad, a 20th century Iranian feminist poet, offering a young girl’s statement of hope.

Time Away
Dir. Aubriand (Carole O’Brien), 2006, Canada, 7 min
Three guides accompany us on a road trip away from time… and towards the transformative end of the road, space…

Dir. Karoline Georges, 2011-2015, Canada, 8.5 min
22 tableaux from Vancouver and Toronto each present a poetic suggestion, in French, integrated into the urban environment.

Primiti Too Taa
Dir. Ed Ackerman and Colin Morton, 1986, Canada, 3 min
A delightful animated poem made with only a typewriter and simple vocal messages, based on the 1920s sound poem Ursonate (Sonata in Primitive Sounds) by the German avant-garde artist Kurt Schwitters.

Tonight Is For The Trees
Dir. Matthew Hayes, 2014, Canada, 3 min
A short film based on the spoken-word of poet Sasha Patterson.

Dir. John Scott, 2014, Canada, 3.5 min
Based on the poem written by Elizabeth Bishop in 1965, this film playfully evokes the sandpiper’s worldview and the spirit of the poem’s searching motif.

Dog Sitting in Eastern Passage
Dir. Martha Cooley, 2013, Canada, 2.5 min
Through a series of hand-written poems scattered across the landscape of Eastern Passage Nova Scotia, a story emerges of heartbreak and hope.

Dir. Kaoru Ryan Klatt, 2014, Canada, 12 min
Set in an endless landscape of wheat fields, a mother who has lost her son for reasons beyond her control pushes down the walls of her home for a better view and a runway to fly up into the clear blue.

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