What Comes Between (2009) will screen at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City, Thurs Jan 23 at 7 PM, as part of The People’s Revolt: A Showcase of New Chilean Experimental Cinema, curated by Anto Astudillo.

“In October 2019 a new popular movement was born in the streets of Santiago, Chile. Triggered by a fare increase of 30 pesos (around four cents), the movement soon came to embody 30 years of social discontent with a neoliberal model and a constitution imposed in 1980 under Pinochet’s dictatorship….

New experimental cinema in Chile exposes and criticizes the abuse of power coming from governmental authorities, the police, and the military by borrowing elements of journalistic photography and Chile’s unique documentary culture. However, this time nothing can stop the proliferation of new film and video work in a vertiginous media revolution.”