LIFT: Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto presents In Reflection: The Films of Cecilia Araneda, a retrospective look at Araneda’s experimental films, Tues July 25 at the PIX Film Gallery in Toronto. Admission is free.

This screening is in conjunction with Araneda’s receipt of the inaugural Roberto Ariganello Award.


This program features a highlight of Araneda’s body of work, focusing on her experimental films spanning back 15 years.

What Comes Between is an examination of personal memory and loss rooted in the filmmaker’s birth place – Chile – and her departure from that country long ago. The work is a collage film created with found footage from personal and historic sources, and original hand printed and tinted footage.

IN REFLECTION (3:38, 2007, SD)
The light, it was always up above me… In Reflection is a memory prose poem shot on S8 and in one take.

MEMORY (3:57, 2002, 16MM) – silent
A woman sleeps on her bed of memories, dreaming of precious childhood moments. Memory was processed and painted by hand.

IMPRINT (5:30, 2007, SD)
The transient connection of two, leaves a lingering memory on one. Imprint is a hand-crafted film, with many sections processed, coloured and contact-printed by hand.

PRESQUE VU (4:13, 2013, HD)
Lush hand-crafted film footage and HD images combine to reveal a mysterious past through remnants of a memory that is almost remembered, but which never fully develops.

BEFORE (3:35, 2016, HD)
With intricate hand-printed 16 mm footage, Before is a dark ode to the possibility and impossibility of love. It reflects on time, inner worlds and soft landings we find in desolate moments in life.

Through found footage, The Space Shuttle Challenger entwines the Challenger disaster, Guantanamo Bay, Chile’s coup d’état and the experience of being 16. It reflects on the personal impact of large events in world history and small moments of hope that survive.


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