Last summer, I attended the Film Farm again. When I’d previously attended the Farm, the resulting film was What Comes Between. In 2008, I found my film rather quickly, within an ordered randomness that I felt was a whole and complete idea. In 2010, I didn’t find a film so easily.

In 2010, In the absence of sensing that what I was finding was whole and complete, I held onto the idea that I should not make again a film I’ve made before. I resisted printing, a technique that infuses my last two films, What Comes Between and Imprint. And while split-toning returns strongly again in the footage from 2010 (it’s a luxurious set up of toners that the Film Farm supplies – one too hard to resist…), I also have a lot of footage that is not hand-coloured in any way.

This time, with my new T2i in hand alongside my Bolex, I also shot footage in HD video.

I am sorting through my footage from the farm, as well as other footage I’ve shot over the past couple of years. I’m not quite yet at harvest, but I’m getting closer.

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