Experimental Documentary, 16 mm/HD, Feature – work in progress

Director / Writer / Producer 

Day 17 is a process-based long form experimental documentary film currently in progress.

Day 17 narrates the process of belonging to a family of multigenerational refugees; of being in a state of flight and landing; and of belonging to no place and all places at the same time. It examines the nature of leaving (things and pieces of yourself) and finding (a new place with a foreign history); the role of the passing of spoken memories; the learning of whispered secrets about new places of landing; and ultimately on the identity-forming and subtraction mechanisms of remembering and forgetting.

Day 17 has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Manitoba Arts Council, the Province of Manitoba through the Manitoba Film Hothouse Award and LIFT: Liaison of Independent Filmmakers Toronto through the Roberto Ariganello Prize.

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