Artist Statement

I find films

As a filmmaker, I experiment in both analogue and digital film forms, but my area of strongest expertise is hand-crafted analogue filmmaking: 16 mm bolex camera, contact printing in non traditional contexts (by hand, using Steenbecks, etc.), optical printing, tinting and toning, and flatbed editing.

I am a process-based filmmaker, strongly influenced by the working methodology of the Film Farm, which asks you to commence artistic work with a truly blank slate, without a preconceived notion of what the outcome might be.

Finding films by opening my mind to the possibilities of ‘starting’ within a vast unknown helps me respond to the things that subconsciously appeal to me as an artist, where process drives technique and experimentation.

It is very common in my artistic working process for me to reach a point in picture edit that is near film completion, and then completely unwind the film artistically and start again, using a first and sometimes even second or third figuration as a palimpsest upon which I build the actual final work.

My working methodology falls outside of standard film production process, as my work flows are non-linear in nature and consider the retracing of steps or work that informs aesthetic or philosophical direction as part of the overall artistic production process.

It is also common for me to set my pieces aside for a period of time to support creative reflection and the taking of artistic side paths as a critical part of my production working process.

While the end result of this working process is always unknown, it typically results in highly personal and complex work that often contains auto-biographical elements.